Julia Telezjko



Julia Telezhko


She was born in Saint-Petersburg.

Her first education she has got at the Music College by Saint-Petersburg Conservatorium. In 2003 and 2004 she was the 1st prize winner at an annual translation competition, that has been held by the Dutch Language Union (Nederlands Taal Unie), in the rubric: Dutch and Flemish poetry.


In 2010 she has graduated from the Leiden University as Master of Arts in Dutch studies (Dutch Literature).


In her translation the next books have appeared until now:

novel - ‘Lion’s Dream’ Arthur Japin (De droom van de leeuw) (2011),  poetry - 'The History Of An Ennumeration' (De geschiedenis van een opsomming) (2006) and ‘May Be Four Comparisons' (Misschien vier vergelijkingen) Arjen Duinker  (2009), children’s fiction - ‘Sammie Stokvis And The Breath Of Flatulus’ (Sammie Stokvis en de adem van Flatulus) Karel Verleyen (2005),  non-fiction - ‘The Call Of The Rosicross. Four Centuries Of Living Tradition’ (De roep van het Rozenkruis. Vier eeuwen levende traditie) (2004).




In 2008 her first book of poems:  De lucht is oneindig’ (The Sky Is Endless…)  has been published by the Dutch publishing house Shaker-Media, Maastricht. There are her own Dutch poems and translations into Dutch.






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