Personal information:                                                    

Name              : JULIA TELEZHKO

City              : Saint-Petersburg,

Country           : Russia

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Spoken Languages:











2003, 2004  1st prise,


2005 – 2d and 3d prises in the Annual Country Translation Competition, orginised by the Dutch Language Union and the Russian Docentsplatform, for my translations of the Dutch and Flemish poetry.


20051st prise in the competition on the poetrysite:  for my poem (in Russian) in tautogram genre.




            5.  The book of students translations ( 2007).  Editors house of the St.Petersburg State University. In this book there are my translations published of  poems by such Dutch  poets as Lucebert and  Albert Verwey.

4. In my translation the book by the well-known modern Dutch poet Arjen Duinker “The History of an Enumeration” was published on the  09th of  oktober, 2006, in Saint-Petersburg  (Editors house of magazine “Neva”, Saint-Petersburg).  This publication has been made possible with the support of the Dutch  Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature.

The Dutch title :
De geschiedenis van een opsomming”

The Russian title:

История перечислений


3. On the 28th of februari, 2006,  the book “The Century of  Translation. The Antology of Russian Poetic Translation in the 21st Century”  was published by the Publishing House “Водолей-Publishers” (Moscow). These translations were chosen and collected by Eugeny Witkowsky. (554 pages).

In this book there are 5 poems translated by Julia Telezhko from Dutch into Russian. These are poems by  such authors as: Albert Verwey, Karel van de Woestijne and Anton van Wilderode.


2.  “ Sammie Stokvis and the Breath of Flatulus” , the book by Karel Verleyen (Belgie). Editor`s house  “Azbooka-klassika”,  Saint-Petersburg, 2005.

Link: (in Russian);


1. “The Call of the Rosycross. Four Centures of Living Tradition” for the “Rudomino  Library for the Literature in Foreign Languages”, Moscow, 2004.








“Window at the Netherlands” 2003


21 september 2003 – Translations of poems by Lucebert, B. Schierbeek, D. Zonderland, H. Gorter, composer W. Pijper. For the concert of Ensemble Ciudate and Marcel Beekman. Translations were printed in programmes.


2005, Poems by Laurens Windig (Pers en Publiciteit 't Hoeckhuys

Redactie ’t HoeckhuysNieuws, Amsterdam) in my translation which you can find on his website:  (Link: Russisch)

On the 26th of august, 2005,  my translations of poems by Albert Verwey and Karel van de Woestijne were set on the poetry translators` website ( .



Sunday, 8 january 2006, 13.45 in Rotterdam

Cafe des Arts, Schilderstraat 20

Stichting Weerwoord, with the support of the  Rotterdamse Raad voor Kunst en Cultuur, the  Elise Mathildefonds and the Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds organised:

Poetry in Rotterdam

I`ve read for the audience my Dutch translation  (of a poem by Igor Severianin, Russian poet from the beginning of the 20th century) - "Pineapple in Champagne" and my own Dutch poems : "The Spring" and "A New Year`s Eve" in Russian and Dutch.


03.11.2005 I was added as a translator  to the translators` list of the NLPVF (Dutch  Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature)







23 June 2005 – 03 July 2005 – course “Aan de mond van al die rivieren” (“Near the Mouth of All Reavers”). (certificate)




Summer Course of Literary Translation in Antwerp


15 August 2004 – 29 August 2004 – Participant on the base of a translation test in the  Summer Course of Literary Translation, Antwerp, Belgium. (certificate),0:0:0,0,0







12 April 2004 – 16 April 2004: Participant in the course of the Dutch Business Communication at the Dutch Institute in Saint-Petersburg. This course  was prepaired and supported by the James Boswell Institute, Utrecht University. Docent – Ms.drs.A. van Deijk. (certificate)






“The Window at the  Netherlands” 2003


September 2003 – Participant on the base of the test translation in a translation workshop. The leaders of this workshop were: Irina Michailova, Toon Tellegen, Kees Verheul and Arthur Langefeld.


My own Dutch poems and my Dutch translations:


My Dutch poems and translations are availiable on such websites: , the nickname - Julia T.), one of them is published in the newspaper of the Dutch Institute, see .







1999 – 2005 and September 2006 -  May 2007:    Course “Dutch as a Foreign Language” at the Dutch Institute in Saint-Peterburg. Certificates: from Elementary level till Advanced level, Profile Professional Language Skills (2003), Profile Academical Language Skills (2004).


2000: NOU Educational centre “A.F.Conto” Course Accountance.

Qualification: Accountant

                               The date of issue of the diploma: 03 January 2001



Since September 2002 – I take regulary part in monthly translation workshops by  Irina Michailova.


2004-2008 : The “Non-governmental Educational Institution «Metropolitan Institute of Interpreters and Translators» Saint-Petersburg brunch. Faculty of Linguistic and Intercultural Communication. Translating and Interpreting. Qualification: Linguist-translator/interpreter.


                   Subjects: English, German, Latin, interpreting, translating


The date of issue of the diploma: 23 May 2008


1990 - 1994:      Musical education at the N.A. Rimskij-Korsakov Musical College by the Saint-Petersburg State Conservatorium in Saint-Petersburg


                  Subjects: Piano playing, organ playing, accompaniment, piano teaching

                            The date of issue of the diploma: 11 June 1994




Other werk expirience at the translation/interpretation area:


Translation/Interpretation themes/areas: Economic(al), juridical, musical, art, culture, theatre, films, shoes, cloths, plants or flowers, animals and a lot of others, computer games (websites), genealogy (websites)




January 2002 - present:

Translator/interpreter, translation bureau “Centre for Foreign Languages “Atlantis” ( Saint-Petersburg

From/into: Dutch, English, Russian



September 2005 – present: Translator, translation bureau “Department for translations “Shmel”, Moscow

From/into: Dutch, English, Russian


Since 2006 - Translator, translation bureau “Traktat”, Moscow

From/into: Dutch, English, Russian


As an interpreter


Excursions – for example on 27 June 2008 an excursion through the center of Saint-Petersburg with a visit of the Hermitage.


Interpreter at workshops   28 June 2008-29 June 2008 at the workshop of  trade union members from the Netherlands and Russia.




Other werk experience:


September 1994 - December 1998:

As a Teachter of piano and an accompanist at some musicschools, Saint-Petersburg.


September 1998 - present:

As an Accountant at the firm Informanalityca Ltd. Saint-Petersburg